CCC Minutes -Bloomfield Colliery

The Bloomfield Community Consultative Committee (CCC) holds meetings on a quarterly basis. The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum for open discussion between representatives of the company, the community, the council and other stakeholders on issues directly relating to the mine's operations, environmental performance and community relations, and to keep the community informed on these matters.

The committee is chaired by an Independent Chairperson who receives a professional fee from Bloomfield.

The Bloomfield Colliery Community Consultative Committee members are:

Margaret MacDonald-Hill Independent Chairperson
Vacant Cessnock City Council Representative
David Simms Maitland City Council
Janet Murray Community Representative
Jack Dwyer Community Representative
Dennis Thurlow Community Representative
Greg Lamb Bloomfield Colliery
Brad Donoghue Bloomfield Colliery