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Rix's Creek

Bloomfield has operated the Rix’s Creek Open Cut Mine since 1990. It is our largest operation and currently employs around 300 local people. The operation is also supported by a range of local small businesses.

The mine incorporates both the Rix's Creek South and Rix's Creek North (formerly Integra) operations. It produces both thermal coal and high quality, semi-soft coking coal primarily for overseas customers.

This high quality coal asset includes a Rail Loop and two Coal Handling & Preparation Plants. In addition to its own production, the mine provides coal washing and bulk handling services for another producer.

The mine is located 90 kilometres from the Port of Newcastle. Coal from Rix’s Creek is railed to the Port of Newcastle and loaded onto ships using Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS). Bloomfield is a founding member of PWCS and has a director on its Board.