WHS Undertaking - Incident Animation

In December 2016, a contract haulage truck driver passed away following an incident at Bloomfield’s Rix’s Creek Mine. As part of an Enforceable Undertaking, Bloomfield has developed an animation highlighting the safety lessons learnt from the incident.

Mental Safety

In December 2016, a contract haulage truck driver passed away following an incident at Bloomfield’s Rix’s Creek Mine. This passing - and traumatic workplace incidents like it - have far-reaching impacts. This is particularly true when it comes to mental health.

The Bloomfield Group has developed The Mental Safety Toolkit - ‘Protecting Your Mental Health: The Before, During and After Program’. It is an initiative of the WHS Undertaking approved by the NSW Resources Regulator.

The Mental Safety Toolkit was developed to help businesses be better prepared to manage mental health effectively in their workplace. With a specific focus on providing support during and after a serious incident, it puts resources directly into the hands of business via a free App. You can download the Mental Safety App via the App Store.

Health and Safety: Our number one priority

Bloomfield Group Commitment

The Bloomfield Group strives for a ZERO HARM workplace, where every person goes home at the end of each workday physically and mentally safe.

To achieve this, Bloomfield is committed to maintaining effective and embedded safe systems of work, and seeking continuous performance improvement opportunities.

The Bloomfield Group cares for our workers' health and wellbeing and demonstrates this through a range of initiatives including (but not limited to):

• Our holistic wellbeing program #healthyliving. This program aims to promote change and ownership of healthy living, and provides support to our teams to help them understand how their own physical and mental health impacts safety.

• Our Five to Stay Alive program. This initiative focuses on identifying the critical hazards affecting the health and safety of our employees. It helps identify the behaviours and critical controls required to mitigate or prevent poor safety outcomes.

Whistleblower Management System

The Bloomfield Group is committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviour in all of our business activities. We are committed to promoting and supporting a culture of honest and ethical behaviour, compliance and good corporate governance in line with the Bloomfield Group values We Care. We Deliver.

The Bloomfield Group Whistleblower Management System provides the mechanism for the reporting of any instances of suspected unethical, illegal, fraudulent or undesirable conduct involving our businesses and provides protections, and measures so that those persons who make a report may do so confidentially and without fear of detrimental treatment.