Rix's Creek Community & Blasting Hotline

24 hr 02 4930 2665

Rix’s Creek is an open cut mining operation located 5 kilometres northwest of Singleton. The first coal was produced in 1990 and the mine continues to produce both thermal coal and high quality, semi-soft coking coal for overseas and domestic customers.

The mining technique is a multi-seam bench system which mines up to nine seams and splits.  The mine utilises a range of heavy earthmoving equipment for overburden removal and coal movement. Run of Mine (ROM) coal is processed by the onsite Coal Handling and Processing Plant.

Rix's Creek Mine incorporates both the Rix's Creek South and Rix's Creek North (formerly Integra) Open Cuts and employs around 280 personnel across both sites. For a location plan of Rix's Creek Mine please click here.


The Rix's Creek Mine operates under two Project Approvals, DA 49/94 for Rix's Creek South and PA 08_0102 for Rix's Creek North.


Under Development Consent DA 49/94 Rix's Creek South is approved for a total movement of 16.1 million bank cubic metres of material (including coal, interburden and overburden) per annum. Under Project Approval 08_0102 Rix's Creek North is approved for 4.5 million tonnes of Run of Mine (ROM) coal from the western mining area and a further 1.5 million tonnes of ROM coal from the northern mining area per annum.                                                                                                                                                                      

Approved hours of operation are 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for all Rix's Creek South mining areas and for Rix's Creek North's western mining area. Approved hours of operation for Rix's Creek North's northern mining area (known as the Falbrook Pit) are between 6am and 10pm, 7 days per week.   


Product coal from the Rix’s Creek Mine is transported across the mine site by trucks to the rail loader. Coal is then railed to Port Waratah Coal Services' shipping terminals in Newcastle.

Geologically, Rix’s Creek is situated in the Whittingham Coal Measures – a part of the Singleton Super Group including the Hebden, Barrett, Liddell, Arties and Pikes Gully Seams.              


For air quality, noise, blasting or other environmental concerns please contact the Rix's Creek Community and Blasting Hotline

Phone :02 49302665

To contact the NSW Environment Line (NSW EPA) please Phone: 131555

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To access real time air quality information for the Upper Hunter or access data from the Upper Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network please go to


Hard copies of Rix's Creek Management Plan documents are available on request. 

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