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RIX'S creek north overview

Rix's Creek North (formerly Integra Open Cut) is an open cut mining operation located northwest of Singleton and accessed via Bridgman Road, 5 kilometres from Singleton.

Following the purchase of the Integra Open Cut by The Bloomfield Group in 2015, the mine has been fully integrated into the Rix's Creek Mine. The site is referenced as Rix's Creek North and combined with Rix's Creek South is known as the Rix's Creek Mine. Rix's Creek North consists of two open cut areas known as Camberwell (previously known as West and South pits) and Falbrook (previously known as North pit). The Camberwell Pit is currently operational whereas the Falbrook Pit is currently being used for mine water storage and is considered to be in Care and Maintenance.                          


Following the purchase of the site and integration with Rix's Creek South the entire site is known as Rix's Creek Mine. Please note that all publications, monitoring requirements, community complaints and community consultative committee documents for Rix's Creek North from January 2016 are now incorporated and are now located within the Rix's Creek Approval Plans and Reports section of this web site. (Please note that this excludes train movement records which are a reporting requirement of Rix's Creek North only). Historical environmental monitoring and required approvals and community information for the Integra Open Cut/ Rix's Creek North prior to January 2016 are located in this section. 


For a location map of Rix's Creek Mine click here.

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