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   Surprise visit for giveaway of Knights tickets for Voice for Mining match  Link 
   Rix's Creek Extension seeks final Approval (SA 23/05/18)

    Rix's Creek Coal Mine Looks to the Future  3.6 MB
   Ourcare Services receives donation to boost Art and Craft program (SA 10/05/18)  Link
    Recognition for Successful Local Businesses (SA 09/05/18)  208 KB
    Comfortable Critters (@ The Coalface April- May)   60 KB
     Help where it most counts (MM 04/04/18)  343 KB
    Focus on Mine Rehabilitation (NH 04/04/18)  327 KB
    Hunter Coal Festival Events (SA 23/03/18)  192 KB
    Massive program in the pipeline - Coal Festival 2018 (HVN 28/03/18)  148 KB
   Once closed now thriving Rix's Creek mine adds new 30 full-time jobs (SA 27/03/18)  Link
   Steamfest 2018 Program (supported by Kings Engineering and Four Mile)  812 KB 

 Coal Festival 2018 Program

 4.2 MB
   Local mines set to Host Tours (HVN 21/03/2018)  204 KB 
   Congratulations to Cancer Council NSW Singleton Office  1.4 MB
   New fetal monitor for the hospital (SA 28/02/18)  296 KB
   New Singleton Arrival delivered (NH 28/02/18)  231 KB 
   Bloomfield launches bid for extension (NH 06/02/18)

 149 KB

   Colliery looks to fuel future (MM 05/02/18)  158 KB 
   SES support much appreciated by mine company (SA 07/02/18)  308 KB 

 SES support much appreciated by mine company (inc video of storm)(SA 31/01/18) 

   Bloomfield hosts Year 9 Singleton High (NSW Minerals Council 10/11/17)  84 KB
    Grazing trial on rehab sites (HVN 29/11/17) 150 KB
   Birth of a Coal Mine (@ The Coalface - Nov/Dec 2017) 926 KB 
   Take a Tour (@ The Coalface - Nov/Dec 2017) 1.33 MB 
   Rix's open-air classroom (HVN 15/11/17) 367 KB 
   Still Riding Strong (LHS 15/06/17) 392 KB
   The Great Australian Coal Myths Busted  (Minerals Council of Aust - May 2017) 780 KB 
   Bloomfield still caring for its workers 80 years on (CA 10/05/17) 346 KB 
   Helping When it Counts (@ The Coalface - April/May 2017) 381 KB 


 Bloomfield Mine Rehabilitation (NSWMC 6/4/17) You Tube
   Singleton Sports Star of the Year Awards 2016 (SA 22/03/17) 261 KB
   Investigating the region's labour market recovery (NH 23/03/17) 262 KB
   Integra to start shipping coal mid-year (SA 18/01/17) 264 KB
   Cooperating on coal costs (NH 06/01/17) 314 KB 
   Back in the Black - Asian Demand Sparks a New Mining Boom (DT 01/12/16)

591 KB 

   The True Believers Refused to Panic (DT 01/12/16) 491 KB 


 "Inside Bloomfield" Art Exhibition at Maitland Regional Art Gallery (NBN News 23/11/16) 980 KB
   Bloomfield - A Living Portrait (@ The Coalface - Nov-Dec 2016)   51 KB
   A Hard Act to Follow (@ The Coalface - Nov-Dec 2016) 229 KB 
   New Blood for Bloomfield ( @ The Coalface - Nov-Dec 2016)   50 KB
   100 Jobs Created by Bloomfield's New Mining Operation (Hunter Industry News - Nov 2016)   94 KB
   COMEBACK : Coal Industry finds new optimism as prices rise unexpectedly (03/11/16)  432 KB
   Glennies Creek to reopen: 275 jobs (02/11/16)  415 KB
   Happy to be Back on the Job (19/10/16)  296 KB
Video   A Health Perspective on Pollution in the Hunter 2016  You Tube


 Rix's Creek Rattlesnakes in Action (11/10/16)

 You Tube
   Rix's Creek Rattlesnakes Ready to Strike (05/10/16)   241 KB
   April kick-off for Coal Festival (25/03/16)   130 KB
   2016 Coal Festival Program (10/03/16)   298 KB
   Singleton Mayoral Scholarship Program (19/02/16)      93 KB
   Business chamber backs Hunter Valley mine expansion (01/02/16)    195 KB

 Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue Open dialogue about rehabilitation (11/12/15)


Christmas celebration embraces festive period (20/11/15)

  176 KB
  Business Community backs Maitland Hospital (17/11/15)   351 KB
  Talking coal and helping Maitland Hospital (27/10/15)    118 KB
  Bloomfield support of Singleton Hospital taken to another level (09/10/15)   118 KB
  MINE COMPLEX SOLD - Glencore, Bloomfield buy Integra Site (28/08/15)   263 KB
  Major boost for Singleton Region Cancer Council Funding (28/07/15)    201 KB
  Golfers hand over funds (17/04/15)   213 KB
  Organisers thrilled by response (02/04/15)   355 KB
  Mine rehabilitation effort to restore grazing capacity(30/03/15)      24 KB
  Bloomfield supports Singleton Hospital (07/10/14)   176 KB 
  Three generations remain loyal to Bloomfield (10/04/14)   211 KB

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