Corporate Social Responsibility
Respect the health and well-being of our regional and local communities.
INTEGRITY We will uphold the company values of honesty, respect and trustworthiness in respecting the needs of the regional community.
WELL-BEING We will aim not to compromise our community's well-being.
We will conduct our operations in a responsible and sustainable manner and abide by all criteria set by all Local, State and Federal Regulatory bodies.
We will operate in a responsible manner and abide by accepted best practice environmental standards for the mutual value of our community and all stakeholders.
Continue to support the well-being of our local community through our Charitable Foundation and company sponsorships.
Aim to maintain strong and lasting relationships with the communities where we operate. The Group's long term integrated approach to sustainable development continually evaluates all the opportunities and challenges to find ways to address them in a responsible manner for the mutual value of all stakeholders .
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