rix's creek north overview

Rix's Creek North is an open cut mining operation located northwest of Singleton and accessed via Bridgman Road, 5 kilometres from Singleton.

The first coal was produced in 1991 as the former Camberwell Open Cut Mine. Following the purchase of this mine by the Bloomfield Group in 2015 it will be fully integrated into the Rix's Creek Open Cut Mine which has operated the adjacent mining lease since 1990.


The Mine produces thermal coal and high quality semi-soft coking coal. The mine is a multi-seam, multi-bench operation utilising a range of heavy earthmoving equipment for overburden removal and coal movement. Run-of-Mine coal is processed by the Coal Handling and Processing Plant.


Product coal is loaded into trains at the Rix's Creek Rail Loop for transport to Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS). Geologically, Rix's Creek North is situated in the Whittingham Coal Measures - a part of the Singleton Super Group including the Hebden, Barret, Liddell, Arties and Pikes Gully Seams.

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