Bloomfield Colliery Approvals


File Size  
   Coal and Mining Leases  
 Consolidated Coal Lease No 761   724kb
 Mining Lease No 1738   412kb
   Environmental Protection Licence  
   Environmental Protection Licence 396 - Feb 18 Update   160kb
   Project Approval  
 Bloomfield Colliery Modification 4 (Part 3A Mod) Application Link to DP&E
      -  Application and Declaration Link to DP&E
      -  Environmental Assessment  Link to DP&E
      -  Submissions Link to DP&E
 Bloomfield Part 3A Project Approval  Consolidated (20/02/13)   1.0Mb
 Bloomfield Part 3A Project Approval (Modification 3) (20/02/13)      23kb
 Bloomfield Part 3A Project Approval (Modification 2) (29/03/12)     15kb
 Bloomfield Part 3A Project Approval (Modification 1) (16/05/11)   2.7Mb
 Bloomfield Part 3A Project Approval (03/09/09)   2.7Mb
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